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The article written by Mrs. Alban Leiker Box 144, Route 1,
Gorham, Kansas, (May-June, 1953) describing the threshing
demonstration with the Case horse power machine, was well written
and the setting of the pictures created a wierd scene. My interest
in the Case machinery may have warped my judgment and I may be
faulty in my criticism but few, if any, better articles have been
published in the ALBUM.

In 1926 Mike Leiker, Alban Leiker’s father, bought a 28-46
Nichols & Shepard steel separator with feeder, weigher and wind
stacker attached and gave in trade that Case horse power machinery.
The machinery then, was in a good shed, had remained there many
years and was in splendid condition. I realized it was not Nichols
& Shepard machinery but because of its condition, suggested the
machinery be shipped to the Branch House. Nichols & Shepard
Co., did not care to invest freight in the Case machinery and later
resold it to Mr. Leiker for $25.00. Evidently the machinery
remained in shed from 1926 until the demonstration last year.

Mike Leiker, who bought the Nichols & Shepard separator,
since has passed on but the separator remains with the family and
in the shed. It appears nearly as good as new. Mr. Leiker was an
unusual man and a Sales Story lies behind that sale.

Those pictures of the demonstration published in the ALBUM are
good but Mrs. Ray Kippes, Ellis, Kansas, a sister of Mrs. Alban
Leiker, made ‘movie’ films of the demonstration. That
picture is wonderful. Mr. and Mrs. Leiker and Mrs. Kippes drove to
Salina, more than 100 miles, this week and showed the film for me.
I enjoyed it very much. It was gracious of them.

Many men, especially the older ones, would enjoy that


  • Published on Sep 1, 1954
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