| January/February 1963

Anna, Ohio

As I was looking through the last issue of the Album I noticed old HUBERNo. 1118thatwas built at the Huber shop in Marion, Ohio in 1887.

As I also saw my Album was expiring I thought it was a good thing to give you the information you asked for on this old Huber engine and send you my check to keep the Album coming, as so far I haven't missed a one since its beginning.

First, this old Huber according to Huber records is a 12 HP engine built in Marion, Ohio in June of 1887.

In May of 1957 this engine was sitting besides this old wood shed where it had set for some forty years without any care or thought of ever running it again. When it was run to this spot it was left for worn out and beyond any repair. The hand plates were left in main fire flue left pretty well loaded with wood ashes and the stack was left uncovered.

After some forty years in the weather with the ashes doing its job of destruction inside the boiler and weather on the outside Mr. Lenner of Carey, Ohio bought this engine and delivered it to my shop to have it rebuilt. Picture shows how I completely demounted this engine and started a job of reconstructing. A job that quite a few old steam men who visited me while I was dismantling said it was impossible to ever make a rusted pile of junk like the Huber to run again.