| January/February 1959

Wood Lake, Minnesota

Have been a subscriber of the IRON MEN ALBUM since the first of the year and I enjoy every issue very much.

The steam engine is a copy of the old Port Huron built ' to 1 ft. scale and is made out of metal and wood. It is powered by a sewing machine motor and gear reduction box built right into the boiler and fire box. I have the engine running around on a 36' round track pulling a water tender and coal hopper. I built this model in about 275 hours.

The next model I built was the old threshing separator which was built at about a ' scale. I did not try to copy any particular make of separator but followed a parts book of Case and IHC. I also tried to make the separator look like a real old timer. The separator model will run and has all the working parts such as shaking grain pan and straw rack, real working blower, the feeder and the elevators are all chain drive and work. This model took about 225 hours.

The third model I made was the miniature merry-go-round. This model was built to scale about one-tenth natural size, it being 28' in diameter has 20 horses all jumping and two chariot seats. I have received a lot of comment on the 'jenny' as a merry-go-round is known in carnival circles. The model is powered by a one-fifteenth hp. motor mounted in a dummy box under the main platform of the model. The horses are plastic toys which I purchased at the Hobby stores-except the two horses in the foreground of the picture. These two were carved out of wood by a friend of mine. I also have regular calliope music played through a dummy organ which I have a small speaker mounted in it and then use a record player hidden out of sight of the model. I built this model in around 300 hours.

Am hoping that I have furnished you with something of interest to you and your readers, and if you should want more details about any of the models I should be glad to send them to you.