| January/February 1952

  • Steaming molasses
    Thomas Stebritz, Algona, Iowa., steaming molasses in Feb. 1950. Snow made the picture fuzzy. Yes Sir: that is a 65 Case

  • Steaming molasses

The following is a report that was unintentionally missed in the recording of the report of the Zehr's Central States Steam Engine and Thresher Historical Renuion, Inc., held in September, 1951

One of the outstanding parts of our recent reunion was 'Grandma's Attic and Hoby Show' presided over by Mrs. Wilbur Collins, wife of our vice president

'Grandma's Attc' was located near the secretary's tent and attracted both men and women, and also children of all ages.

There was a display of old time kitchenware, furniture and household needs used many years ago. Another feature of this tent was hand painted china, pictures and needlework including embroidery and chrocheted articles.

Mrs. Collins was assisted by her sister in law, another Mrs. Collins, who, with her daughters were busy drawing pictures of old steam engines on handkerchiefs. Mrs. L. V. Kinsinger, Mrs. Vernon Reed and Mrs. Fred Hazzler supervised and helped maintain the displays.

Miss Dorothy Atkinson of Polo. Illinois, acted as registrar and reported that persons from 17 different states registered during one day of the reunion.