| September/October 1956

  • A traction engine
    A traction engine described in Mr. A. L. Spencer's letter.
  • Traction engine
    Another view of the traction engine of A. L. Spencer's.

  • A traction engine
  • Traction engine

76 Denison Parkway W, Corning, New York

IT SEEMS SORT OF USELESS to explain about this engine but as I promised in the last issue to give the facts here they are:

It is a traction engine and believe it or not it is in use to date and is indispensable for the job it does. Nothing could replace it due to the tremendous heat it is subject to. You will note the men with the asbestos gloves getting away, from the heat. The poor engine had no choice.

For you old timers who were used to sweating it out with a poor steamer note the shield in front to keep the boiler from over steaming. Also note the odd steering arm at the engineers left, on the right is forward and reverse. The throttle is about center. Another odd thing about this engine is that it has a square piston much the same as a slide valve.

It is used in the glass industry to set new pots and remove broken ones from the furnace which have changed little since Biblical days.

I would give my right arm to own this engine but it is no use wishing. I shall be a long time dead before it will be for sale.