| January/February 1968

Newman, Georgia 30263 and through the kindness of The Newman Times-Herald.

Remember when the joyful notes of the old Steam Calliope used to proclaim the coming of the circus parade?

Or, if you're a real old timer did you ever ride on a river boat, thrilling to the tune of 'Here comes the Showboat'?

The old fashioned Calliopes are almost extinct today; however, a Newman steam-hobbist became so nostalgic for the melodious sounds of his childhood-that he actually constructed a genuine Calliope.

Howard Camp, Newnan plumber, of 18 West Washington St., demonstrated his masterpiece last Friday on U. S. 29, south of Newnan, to the delight of many calliope fans. Playing the instrument was Burt Mashburn, 12-year-old talented pianist of Cumming, who became enamored of it this past summer when Camp carried it to Cumming to be used in a Fourth of July celebration.

Camp says he saw his first calliope in 1933 during a Coweta County Fair. He has wanted one ever since, but it was not until 1958 that he actually decided to build one. He has worked on it for almost a decade, traveling many miles to look at some original models in museums and obtaining the necessary specifications, patterns and materials.