Andy Thiel Delights With Marble Runs

| January/February 1966

Several 'marble runs' made by Victor's Andy Thiel delighted children of Dynacolor Corporation employees at the annual Christmas party the company held on Saturday, December 15.

The uncle of a Dynacolor employee, Roy Burns, Andy Thiel, Who lives at 120 Ohurch Street, was formerly an automobile mechanic in the garage and gas station now occupied by Russell O. Adams. Andy says he started making the wooden runs at the suggestion of a good friend and neighbor, Ogden Miller, has since branched out into other wood craft Items such as mosaic tiles, cigarette boxes, chopping blocks, canisters and picture frames.

At first shocked and depressed by his blindness, 'having something worthwhile to do' has helped Andy Thiel regain his self respect He is aisle to participate in almost all family activities, and has been made am honorary life member of the Victor Lion's Club.

'I don't consider myself blind,' said Andy recently, 'for just as soon as you lose your sight, the other senses take over. I can tell the kind of wood to choose for a particular item, for instance, not only toy the way it feels, but by its smell.'

Dynacolor Corporation, processors and manufacturers of color reversal films, is located at 1999 Mt. Read Boulevard in Rochester. The annual children's Christmas party is held under the auspice's of the company's employee recreational organization, the Pioneer's Club, Rochester Chapter.