| September/October 1963

Mr. James Bolton of Galesburg, Michigan has recently purchased from H. J. McMillan of Galva, Illinois a beautiful Ottoway steam train, it is a 440 with four coaches, air brakes, steam generator, and all other accessories. Mr. Bolton has set this up at 75 Sprinkler Road in Kalamazoo, Mich. There is a batting range and drive-in restaurant on the same tract of ground. This train will be operated this summer every evening and on week-ends. It is a beautiful layout, and well worth the time and effort to make a visit out there to see and ride on it.



R. F. Learned & Son, Inc., offers to and person, museum, exhibit, as is, where is, AT NO COST except cost of dismantling and freighting, such person or body shall give assurances of a good and permanent home or prouseful work for the following:

One only

Corliss type, Atlas mfgr., STEAM ENGINE, stationary, 36' stroke, 18' bore, driving twelve foot flywheel grooved to carry 11 strands 1 1/8' Manila transmission rope. New in 1917- Recently reb cred. Complete with 42' driven pulley on 5' shaft plus idler.

Subject engine bought originally for use in pumping water to rice fields. After one year moved to present location where it has powered this firm's sawmill since.