Announcing the International Stationary Steam Engine Society

| January/February 1992

Submitted by Conrad H. Milster, Sec-Treas., 178 Emerson Place, Brooklyn, New York 11205

Two well-known stationary steam engine groups have merged to form the International Stationary Steam Engine Society. Born of the Stationary Engine Society (United States) and the Stationary Engine Research Group (England), the new ISSES organization offers an international forum for those who wish to pursue their interest in stationary steam history.

We would like to invite all with an interest in steam to join us in the International Stationary Steam Engine Society. A twenty dollar annual membership in ISSES will help support interest in and appreciation of the history, documentation and preservation of stationary steam engines throughout the world. Each member will receive a quarterly bulletin of international interest.

The American directors of ISSES are Roger Robertson, Conrad Milster, and George King III. For membership information please contact: Conrad H. Milster, 178 Emerson Place, Brooklyn, New York

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