The Pinckneyville

| March/April 1976

835 Westwood Drive, Ballwin, Missouri 63011.

The Pinckneyville Annual Steam Power Show took place on August 14, 15, 16 & 17 at their intriguing fairgrounds. The typical hot and muggy August weather and the higher price of automobile gas could have combined to hold down a usually large attendance. The local association and tractor owners did their spectacular parts by generously bringing their fine machines for the public to marvel. Threshing, plowing, saw-milling and belting to fans and brakes drew lots of attention. Many excellently restored steam tractors hissed, whistled and chugged about the fairgrounds. This is Keck-Gonnerman and Harrison Country, so naturally they were more abundant in participation. There were two fine 20 H.P. Advance Rumelys owned by Bill Douglas and George Bahre, association officers. The big, bold and brassy 'Noon Whistle' concert provided the crowds and the surrounding counties with familiar sounds of yesterday. Everyone enjoyed the threshing demonstrations, this always proves to be the most popular event.