| November/December 1969

David Erickson

I replaced the plug and Lauren Speaker of Midland helped us evaluate and correct the relief valve problem. In about 45 minutes we were back to threshing with the only damage being a burn to my arm from the hot water exposure while replacing the soft plug

2113 E. Wheeler Rd. Midland, Michigan 48640

In the summer of 1965, I hauled an old Huber Grain Separator from its retired resting place on the Ithamer Poole farm near Maple Ridge, Michigan and added it to my collection of old farm tools and machinery.

This addition started something that has grown into an annual community activity.

My father, Earl Erickson, now 73, had been a 'thresherman' for many years, before the days of combines, and never fully lost his interest in the 'big machines'.

Never having threshed with steam, he said he had always had a desire to thresh with a steam engine.

With a bit of searching and inquiring, Dad, our boys, then 15 and 19, and myself ended up as owners of a 20 Hp., Advance, Rumely Traction Engine and plans got under way for a Commnuity Threshing Bee.