Antique Acres

25th Anniversary Report

| May/June 1990

1515 Longfellow Waterloo, Iowa 50703

On the 24, 25, 26 and 27 of August, 1989, the members of Antique Acres Old Time Power Show proudly held their 25th annual reunion. What started as a dream and a lot of hard work, many years ago, has turned into one of the better shows in the Midwest. It is annually attended by a few thousand people eager to relive the duties of yesteryear.

This year was no exception, with a record crowd attending all four days of the show. This gave members an extra special outlook, especially after another dry summer. As dry as it was, there were still plenty of oats to thresh. The threshing usually comes under the direction of the Fischel family. They use their 18 HP Wood Brothers to power their Hummingbird thresher. This rig does a very nice job. Also threshing, with a Case separator, was Dave FuhLs and his fine 16 HP Reeves. This is one of the finest running engines you'll ever see. Dave is an excellent machinist and had this engine running as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, the engine was sold and will no longer be at the show. It will be missed, but we hope to have at least one more engine to take its place next year.

The plowing was a great attraction as always. The Smolik's 40 Reeves and 110 Case performed perfectly as always. As an extra twist this year, we double headed the Smolik's and Bellinger's 22 HP Advance Rumely on the 14-bottom John Deere plow. This really seemed to be a crowd favorite, as we had never done this before at our show. There are plenty of activities to take in throughout the show grounds, from the many tractors and gas engines to the museum that also houses the two large stationary engines. The club has a third stationary engine on the grounds that we are currently making plans to erect.

We always try to have as much seating and shade as possible. This makes the eating and entertainment tents very popular. The parade also always seems to be a big attraction. The parading of the machinery each day lasted a little over an hour. We had a special section for the Case equipment; Case was our featured line this year.

A lot of fun was had on the Prony brake. I think this is the favorite of many steam men who attend our show. Most of the engines at the show participate, ranging from Randy Schwerin's 10 HP Advance to the big 40 HP Reeves. It is always fun to see who can get what from their engine.