| January/February 1985

1515 Long fellow Waterloo, Iowa 50703

August 23, 24, 25 and 26th were the dates for the 20th annual power show at Antique Acres in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

The show started on a real positive note. The weatherman predicted excellent weather and the membership anticipated large crowds. I'm happy to say that no one was disappointed!

Each day seemed to start with one of the engines belting up to the saw mill, bright and early. Usually providing power was Dean Bellinger's nicely restored 20 HP Advance Rumely or the Smolik Brother's fine running 22 HP Rumely operated by Charles Robinson. It seems as though sawyer, Gary Kupka, kept the blade a turning from early Thursday to late Sunday, breaking only long enough to pile more logs on the platform.

Every forenoon the engineer's took their turn on the Baker fans or the prony brake. Jack Fritcher, got the Smolik's 110 Case to bark out 140 horses on the brake. The crowd also enjoyed Stuart Fenton's big 30-60 Rumely Oil Pull 'cackling' away on one of the fans.

The fans were also used in the afternoon as the tractors took their turn. Many finely restored F-20's and F-30's were exhibited by Derwood Heine and many were pulled in the antique tractor pull Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Also pulling were Harold Pries' collection of Twin City, and Minneapolis tractors. Both men's collections are very large and well kept, I might add.