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Another beautiful little engine was brought in from Yuma, Colo.,
by its owner and builder, Mr. Tom Mitchell. This engine resembled a
Reeves steamer having two cylinders. It was about 7 feet long and
weighed about a ton, (small when compared to the 12 to 16 ton
giants) and was estimated to develop about 3? or 4 hp. It used coal
for steam and carried about 140 pounds of pressure. Mr. Mitchell
was kept quite busy most of the day carrying youngsters and also
grownups around the grounds on his little engine.

Other owners and engines present and taking part in the program
were Fred Brubaker, 16 hp. Russell; Seward Brubaker, 16-60 Nicols
& Shepard; Roy Kie, 22 hp. Huber, Two 65 hp. Cases’ 22 hp.
A very Undermounted; Ed Nelson, 21 hp. Advance Rumely, 45 hp. Case;
Chet. Sawyer. 50 hp. Case; Melvin Kestler, 65 hp. Case; Jerry
Horenick, 16 hp. Reeves.

There was an estimated 1600 people attended the first day, and a
much larger crowd the second day. A large tent was set up with
chairs inside for those who wanted to get out of the sun and

Harold Nelsen with his team of horses hitched to a water wagon,
supplied all the steam engines with water.

Lunches and cold drinks were served by the W.S.C.S. Also an
old-fashioned harvest dinner cafeteria style, was served.

A good time was reported by everyone who attended, and many will
attend the celebration at Wichita, a show similar to this one on
August 27, 28 and 29.

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