| May/June 1982

Starting the parade. Mount Aqua oil rig in background. They drilled for oil in early teens and hit hot health waterquite a health center was built. After the Montana earthquake, the water failed and so did the resort.

Oscar O. Cooke, the man who started and runs Oscar's Dreamland at Billings, Montana, is a man of superlatives, and a visit to his show is an unforgettable event.

Oscar is one of the most active men over 80 we have ever seen. When he operates his 1906 Best steam traction engine, standing at the controls 15 or more feet above the ground, he is an artist at work. He handles it as if it were a choice riding horse.

When we visited Oscar's Dreamland in 1981, the first hint we got as we approached his grounds was the sight of three small gliders rising and dipping above a lot of steam and smoke.

That was only the beginning. Once we were inside the gate, roaming the multi-acre field, we were surrounded by Oscar's collection, which he calls the biggest private collection of farm artifacts in the world.

Oscar was being interviewed for TV when we first found him. Later we talked to him in the cook shack, a real vehicle from olden days in which he was eating a speedy lunch.