| September/October 1978

Site of Ancient Machinery is Interesting County Showplace

We thank The Breckinridge County Herald News, Hardinsburg, Kentucky for the use of their story and pictures of the following story. We thank G. E. Shelman, Union Star, Kentucky 40171 for submitting the article.

About two acres of George Shelman's 1100-acre farm, located approximately two miles east of Union Star on Route 144, is liberally strewn with antique farm machinery of all kinds. Surprisingly, some of the ancient tractors are still in working order. But farm machinery is not all that is old at the Shelman farm.

Other things that are quite old include a maple sugar tree in the front yard at the farms house that has grown from a seed to a gigantic shade tree it is 94 years old. Another item is a 1950 Dodge automobile with a flat-head 6-cylinder engine that is still in excellent operating order.

Hardinsburg auto buff and antique dealer, Lloyd Russell, said that although the old Dodge is not quite yet in the antique class (this year, all cars older than '41 models will be classified as antiques) it is definitely a collector's item. He indicated that flat-heat engines have not been manufactured since the mid-40s.

In contrast to the antiquities atmosphere surrounding the Shelman home, there are two young, tame, female deer enclosed in a nearby lot containing high weeds. One deer is a little over four years old; the other is a little over a year old.