| March/April 1953

  • 1/2 hp Engine
    Engine built by Mr. Earl Nelson, 4052 Seventh St., Minneapolis, Minn. See his description. The lower picture are patterns for a 1/4 hp which he is building pretty much on the 1/2 hp

  • 1/2 hp Engine

Here is a letter from Mrs. Elizabeth H. Burno of Box 13, Woodstock, III., that has come to us through Mrs. LeRoy Blaker. Mrs. Burno tells of some of the experiences her son, Mr. Peter H. Burno had in the second World War. She says in part

'First he is the youngest locomotive engineer in the United States Army.

'Second, he was crawling over and under the various engines in the railroad yards at Fort Eustis, Virginia, one Sunday during time off. when he met an older man in greasy jumper, obviously doing the same thing and having a fine time at it. They gave each other the friendly 'high ball' and spent a pleasant hour discussing steam in general and, no doubt, what they thought of the Army. That evening- Peter recognized the gentleman and to his horror spotted an eagle on each shoulder. He was Peter's Colonel.

'Third, Hitler's private train is on the sidingĀ  in camp. Pete was very much impressed with the detail work and was thinking to himself that the Germans had surely done a superior job. Then Peter noticed the very familiar American automatic couplings and Westinghouse air brakes. The Supermen had bowed.'