Art and Crystal Andersens 10th Annual Steam-Gas & Diesel Museum Show

| March/April 1976

1511 Iglehart Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 55104

August 23rd and 24th, 1975 were the show dates, and the place was the Andersen Farm and Museum located one mile east of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota on Highway 30.

The show site is ideal. A paved road extends from the entrance well past the Museum Exhibit buildings and it is the borderline of a vast acreage of level grass land used for pasturing livestock, but at show time, it is an expanse of interesting activity. Outside of the show area is parking space for hundreds of cars.

When my wife, Florence, and I arrived at the show about 11 o'clock on Saturday, August 23rd, lumber sawing was in progress. The saw is a large one; 'A Man Rides The Carriage' as they used to say. It's the type of machine that sawed logs into lumber in the old days for the building of houses and all farm buildings for the early settlers.

At that moment, Andersen's 25-75 Russell Steamer was powering the saw through some big logs. George H. Ohmann, Jr. was the engineer. This Russell is a beautiful running engine.

Another engine used on the lumber saw, was Art Andersen's 140 HP 1913 Steam Engine. It weighs 27-1/2 tons. It is a double cylinder engine of tremendous proportion. It rests on six-foot drive wheels that measure 42 inches in width. Purchased in Michigan and hauled on a stout Low-Boy to the Andersen Musem, it's Art's 'Pride and Joy'.