| March/April 1977

1511 Iglehart, St. Paul, Minn. 55104.

August 28th and 29th, 1976 were the dates of the Andersen show. The site of the show was the Andersen Farm and Museum located about a mile east of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota on Highway 30.

From the parking lot where there seems to be no limit of parking space, the visitor passes through the gate entering an expanse of giantic, interesting activity.

No doubt, the highlight of the show is the 140 HP traction engine usually belted to. the large size lumber saw. George H. Ohmann, Jr. was the engineer. This engine, purchased in Michigan by Art Andersen is a double cylinder engine, built in 1913 by the M. Rumely Company of LaPorte, Indiana. It is of gigantic proportions weighing 27 tons. It rests on six-foot drive wheels measuring forty-two inches in width. Needless to say, this engine is Art Andersen's pride and joy. It was on exhibition at the Farm Fest, USA, which was held the week of September 12,1976 at Lake Crystal, Minnesota.

Other engines at the Andersen show were a 60 HP Reeves double cylinder, operated by engineers Smoky and Joe Cross. It was belted to a Belle City thresher. Another engine was the 25 HP Russell; Jared Ruble was the engineer.

Art Anderson led the parade both afternoons at 3 o'clock with his 20 HP Port Huron. Buell Opdahl, Emmons, Minnesota, was the engineer on the 75 HP Case. Engineer John Hale of Stewartville, Minnesota was in charge of the 24 HP Minneapolis operating the 1908 wooden Minneapolis separator, threshing oats.