| March/April 1980

The combined skills of the artist and the engraver are demonstrated superbly in old time steam traction engine catalogues, and a Geiser book of 1889 is an excellent example.

This paperback, 6' x 9' with contains very graphic illustrations which should attract collectors of engines as well as those who like industrial art of the past century.

Thus far no one has sought to bring all the best illustrations of the various manufacturers together, but it would make a delightful compendium. If we get any encouragement from readers, we may start on something like this ourselves.

The 1889 Geiser book shows and tells about Peerless steam traction engines, stationary engines, steam gang plows, boilers, separators, sawmills and other products.

It was the company's boast that 'We have never been beaten in a test, and have developed more horsepower, with less fuel and water, than any of our competitors.'

Located at Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Geiser made many engines which are treasured by collectors and restorers today.