| March/April 1956

  • The late Arthur S. Young
    The late Arthur S. Young and two of his grandchildren.

  • The late Arthur S. Young

Arthur S. Young of Kinzers, Pennsylvania, passed to the Great Beyond December 24th, 1955. We wish we could write an adequate epithet for this whole-souled man. We cannot and doubt if anyone can. The more you associated with him the more you desired to do so. He loved people.

Let us take first things first-

He knew God. He held to the Divine principles in every day life whether it was play, business or church. He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church in Paradise, Pennsylvania, for over 33 years.

He had a rare sense of humor. This he used to advantage in his many addresses at social and business meetings he attended. His humor had a meaning - - - you laughed and got a good thought out of it.

He was a writer of more than average ability. His articles appeared in County, State and National magazines. They were always to the point and very informative and readable.

For many years Mr. Young was Secretary of the Pennsylvania State Farm Equipment Dealers Association. In this capacity he traveled all over the state and in a sense nursed that great organization into healthy manhood.