Farm Collector


By Staff

Arthur S. Young of Kinzers, Pennsylvania, passed to the Great
Beyond December 24th, 1955. We wish we could write an adequate
epithet for this whole-souled man. We cannot and doubt if anyone
can. The more you associated with him the more you desired to do
so. He loved people.

Let us take first things first-

He knew God. He held to the Divine principles in every day life
whether it was play, business or church. He was an Elder in the
Presbyterian Church in Paradise, Pennsylvania, for over 33

He had a rare sense of humor. This he used to advantage in his
many addresses at social and business meetings he attended. His
humor had a meaning – – – you laughed and got a good thought out of

He was a writer of more than average ability. His articles
appeared in County, State and National magazines. They were always
to the point and very informative and readable.

For many years Mr. Young was Secretary of the Pennsylvania State
Farm Equipment Dealers Association. In this capacity he traveled
all over the state and in a sense nursed that great organization
into healthy manhood.

Mr. Young was the inspiration and founder of the Rough and
Tumble Engineers Association of Kinzers, Pa. This has grown from a
few hundred to many thousands attending the reunion, each year.
This is an organization of those who have the steam traction engine
as their hobby. ‘Art’, as we called him, was a pioneer in
promoting this new hobby. His collection of steam traction engines
was second only to that of Henry Ford.

It could be said that his business, was a hobby. He said that
himself. Aside from the hobby aspect he built a very large business
in new and used farm equipment and specialized in steam boilers for
various purposes. The Machine Shop is equipped and manned so as to
turn out anything needed when not available in the repair channels.
A trip around the premises is a liberal education and fascinating
to all regardless of their interest.

Funeral services were held in his home church on December 27th,
in charge of his pastor. Every available seat was taken in the
sanctuary and chairs were used to capacity and the Sunday School
room was utilized by those wishing to pay a kind tribute. The
floral contribution was immense and gorgeous. All a silent
testimony of our feeling for this wonderful man.

So we might go on and then not say what could be said in truth.
The spirit of Arthur S. Young will go marching on and you and I
will be inspired by it.


  • Published on Mar 1, 1956
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