| March/April 1996

News Editor, Iroquois County, Illinois, Times-Republic, 1492 E. Walnut Street, P.O. Box 250, Watseka, Illinois 60970. Reprinted with permission.

Frogge and Stuckey show off the restored Port Huron, the product of four years of patience, attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Call him an artist, an engineer and an historian and you're right on all three counts if you're talking about Gerald Stuckey of rural Martinton.

That's because all of these factors played key roles during the past four years as Stuckey, assisted by neighbor Calvin Frogge, successfully restored a 1911 Port Huron steam engine to a 10-ton masterpiece that looks as if it rolled off the assembly line five minutes ago.

Artistry? Stuckey and Frogge took an aging hulk of antique machinery, pounded out the dents, made everything from bolts to brackets, purchased a few used items, removed the rust and applied the paint to what is now a stunningly attractive work of art.

Engineering? The steam traction engine all the way from its boiler, stack and flues to its pistons, gears, bearings and gauges is a beautifully integrated marvel of working parts, and only someone with Stuckey's skilled understanding of every part could have restored this iron monster to full working condition.