Asked & Answered

| January/February 1985

The following article is taken from the October, 1911 issue of American Thresherman column, 'Asked and Answered.'

Question of E. E. H.

I want to learn how to cut out flues and repair boilers with crude or homemade tools. Is there any substance besides lime in which flues may be annealed?

What kind of homemade tools can be made for cutting out an old set of flues or a damaged boiler plate?

Can you explain how to put a patch on a boiler and how to take out old stay bolts or put new ones in?

Answer: It is a pretty big contract to tell you all about boiler repairing in these columns. The best we can do is to give you a few ideas and leave the rest to your ingenuity and common sense. Making extensive repairs on a boiler is a boiler maker's job, and we always recommend that a competent man be engaged when such a condition arises. There is no good reason, however, why any handy man could not put in a set of flues if he understands just what the essentials are for a good job. The putting on of a patch is a more serious undertaking and one that should be turned over to a boiler maker.