| January/February 1954

  • 20 hp, Minneapolis'
    Mr. R.V.Reams of Taylorville, Ill., and his 20 hp, Minneapolis at the Assumption, Illinois Centennial. Photo by Mrs. T. H. Smith.
    Mrs. T. H. Smith
  • 8-16 Avery Tractor
    8-16Avery Tractor and Avery Yellow Kid separator at the Assumption Illinois, Centennial, 1953. Milford Rees (back) is the owner of the tractor, Mr. R. V. Reams standing in front. Photo by T. H. Smith
    T. H. Smith

  • 20 hp, Minneapolis'
  • 8-16 Avery Tractor

611 Darcy, Avenue, Joliet, Illinois

Assumption, Illinois, was the scene of a centennial celebration that started September 24th and lasted three days. An estimated 25,000 home comers and visitors were fed barbecued beef, buns, baked beans, potato chips and coffee, free for all.

Part of the program was the steam engine show, of which Ralph Fisher of Assumption, was chairman. Following is a list of exhibitors and engines: Milford Rees, Franklin, Ill., 20 Undermounted Avery, and 8-16 Avery tractor; Frederick Blauth of Tower Hill, Ill., 18 Double Keck-Gonnerman; R. V. Reams, Taylorville, Ill., 20 Minneapolis; Ralph Fisher, 50 Peerless.

Nate Lang of Charleston, Ill., had a fine model of a Gaar-Scott double, as did Milford Rees with two models and model saw mill. Two separators, one a hand fed Russell, and the other a Yellow Kid Avery were also there.

A large sawmill was set up and demonstrations were in charge of Ralph Fisher, who also did some threshing on the main street.