| September/October 1957

Sacramento, California

The ALBUM has just arrived with the reminder that more coal is needed to keep up the steam-so am enclosing my renewal. I do not know of any place I spend money that brings me so much pleasure for $2.00. I have no criticisms or complaints, just want more of the same.

I particularly enjoy the letters and experiences from the old timers. Wish we could have a couple pages of letters.

I do not think the days of the steam engine are over, in fact I doubt if the Diesel will be long-lived on the railroad. The D and RG and B & O have both started preliminary experiments on building atom powered locomotives. I am hoping I can live to see them.

If I could have just one request it would be for a 'question and answer' department. My first question would be, 'how many Case engines were built and what was the last number and the year'? What other engine was second highest in numbers and what was their last number?