Atomic Power


| November/December 1962

  • 475 degrees temperature at the generator
    Picture of my No. 200 H.P. generator on test block showing temperature and pressure on natural gas. Top left gauge 450 P.S.I. Top center gauge 475 degrees temperature at the generator. Lower temperature gauge superheat 700 degrees.
  • Steam generator
    This picture taken at Santa Maria, Calif., is a No. 200 modified high pressure steam generator applied to a heavy crude No. 8 oil well 2200 feet in depth. Entry at 475 degrees temp., return 180 degrees. Increase of production in well 3 barrels to 1.

  • 475 degrees temperature at the generator
  • Steam generator


The generation of high pressure steam and the corresponding temperature so essential to the adequate heating of the deeper producing zones is accomplished by the Lawler Model 100-A steam generator. This generator is an entirely different design than any other boiler or steam generator available for commercial use. It is a high pressure, closed system, dry steam generator similar in design to the modern generators used in steam plants to generate electrical power. It is fully automatic in operation. The unit is not to be confused with the common types of circular coil heaters or low pressure boilers.

The heating of the well is accomplished by allowing pressure from the steam generator to create a natural downward flow to the bottom of the closed heat exchange system and return upward to the make-up tank for re-use.

Conduction then carries the heat brought through the heat exchange system to the surrounding free oil and into the producing formation.

The action of these natural principles eliminates the necessity for oil well circulation pumps, thus materially reducing maintenance and operating costs.

The automatic controls are activated by a standard 6 or 12 volt battery or by a standard 110 volt A. C. electrical service.

Boiler feed (injection) pumps require no extra motive power as they are activated by the walking beam or vertical pumping, unit, when used with a pumping unit.