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Aultman On View At Harvest Fest In Louisiana

109 Jersey Lane Rayne, Louisiana 70578 Submitted by Earl Vaughn
4122 Rigolette Road Pineville, Louisiana 71360

Aultman & Taylor #8741, shown on this month’s cover, was
completely restored by Mr. Earl Vaughn, 4122 Rigolette Road,
Pineville, Louisiana. He has displayed this beauty for several
years at the Harvest Fest in Crowley, Louisiana.

Since the invention of power-driven vehicles, men have been
fascinated with motorized vehicles first the train, then the
automobile, and now tractors. Evidence of this was seen recently at
a display of antique tractors at the Harvest Fest sponsored by the
First Baptist Church in Crowley, Louisiana. This church-sponsored
activity occurs simultaneously with the International Rice
Festival. Many antique farm machines are displayed by tractor clubs
along with demonstrations of rice threshing, rice milling, and a
grist mill.

For two days, October 20 and 21, hundreds of people were seen
viewing the implements, and some of these returned several times to
view them. The most popular implement, and probably the oldest, was
an antique tractor owned by Earl Vaughn of Pineville, Louisiana.
This machine is an 18 horsepower steam tractor made by Aultman and
Taylor in 1916. The tractor was in Galesburg, Illinois, but was
purchased by Earl Vaughn in 1991.

The tractor, with the original serial #8741, has been completely
restored. Vaughn reports that when he originally purchased the
tractor, it was in ‘sorry condition.’ He has restored the
crown sheet in the boiler, and has put in new pistons and piston
rods. He has rebuilt every piece’ piece by piece’ and even
made improvements in piping, rebuilt the canopy, and has installed
new wood boxes which are exact duplicates of the originals. The new
ones are riveted together just like the originals, not welded,
according to Vaughn.

This massive tractor weighs 19,847 pounds and stands 10 feet
seven inches high, is eight feet, one inch wide, and 18 feet, four
inches long.

Visitors to the Harvest Fest/Rice Festival were privileged to
see this machine in 1994 and again in 1995. Word continues to
spread about this display of restored machines, and more exhibitors
add machines to the show. As it should be, this area is becoming an
integral part of the Rice Festival and the Harvest Fest.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1996
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