Aultman & Taylor Farm Paintings

Aultman & Taylor watercolor farm paintings presented an ideal of agrarian perfection.

| March 2005

In a seemingly never-ending bid to garner the attention and interest of farmers everywhere, the storied Aultman & Taylor Co. of Mansfield, Ohio, produced some of the finest farm ads of its day, including spectacular watercolor farm paintings — produced, it's assumed, for its many catalogs.

Reader Calvin Whitaker, who's particularly interested in material from the old threshing and agricultural steam engine manufacturers, shared a number of pieces in his collection with us.

Calvin has little information on the material, but an educated guess would date those he sent to the mid-1880s, a period in which Aultman & Taylor was especially active with colorful promotions of its products. In January 1892, Aultman & Taylor mailed out 540,000 pieces of mail, the largest quantity of material ever sent out by one firm in Mansfield. FC