Aultman & Taylor Farm Paintings

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In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Aultman & Taylor used colorful farm paintings like this one to promote its products.
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Various Aultman & Taylor offerings were promoted in these evocative watercolors, which placed the machinery working in scenic locales around the United States and even in “Old Mexico.” The legend “Werner, Akron, O.” is just visible on each piece.

In a seemingly never-ending bid to garner the
attention and interest of farmers everywhere, the storied Aultman
& Taylor Co. of Mansfield, Ohio, produced some of the finest
farm ads of its day, including spectacular
watercolor farm paintings — produced, it’s assumed, for its many

Reader Calvin Whitaker,
who’s particularly interested in material from the old threshing
and agricultural steam engine manufacturers, shared a number of pieces in his collection with us.

Calvin has little information on the material, but an educated
guess would date those he sent to the mid-1880s, a period in which
Aultman & Taylor was especially active with colorful promotions
of its products. In January 1892, Aultman & Taylor mailed out
540,000 pieces of mail, the largest quantity of material ever sent
out by one firm in Mansfield. FC

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