| September/October 1979

A Blizzard ensilage cutter found by Jack C. Norbeck, encyclopedia author, is now housed as an educational operating exhibit at the grounds of the Rough & Tumble Engineers Historical Association, Kinzers, Pennsylvania.

Norbeck's 'Encyclopedia of American Steam Traction Engines' is now available in a revised second edition. It includes new chapters with over 40 pictures of oxen and horsedrawn steam fire engines being used today for special occasions, parades and exhibits. It also contains a directory of 84 companies that made steam fire engines.

The ensilage cutter, shown here, was made in Canton, Ohio by the Blizzard Mfg. Company. Henry Bishop, of Perkasie, Pennsylvania built it new in 1932. He sold it to the Moyer family, who owned it for two generations in Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania. Norbeck found it in 1977 and restored it.

By providing a method of preserving green feed for year-round use, the silo and ensilage cutter made one of the truly great contributions to modern livestock feeding.

Further, there are over 30 pictures of portable steam engines made by the following companies: Anderson Foundry & Machine Works, Anderson, Indiana; B. W. Payne & Sons, Corning, New York; Charles Perrige & Co., Groton, New York; Chillicothe Foundry & Machine Works, Chillicothe, Ohio; Eagle Machine Works, Indianapolis, Indiana; Hargert Brothers Mfg. Company, Brampton, Ontario, Canada; Herschell Spillman, New York; L. Sweet, Wellsville, New York; Montmagny Mfg. Company, LTD., Quebeck, Canada; Novelty Works, Cory, Pennsylvania; and many more.

Pictures are shown from the following traction engine companies: American Engine Company, Jersey City, New Jerseya 1902 Best steam traction in action today; Byron Jackson three-wheel drive, San Francisco, California, Eagle Machine Works, Indianapolis, Indiana, Ohio Thresher & Engine Company, Ohio; and many more. You will also find pictures of White steam trucks and many other surprises!

William Raymor_1
4/9/2009 10:59:06 AM

I found a Blizzard Feed Cutter in the woods and am trying to buy it to restore.

William Raymor_1
4/9/2009 10:59:05 AM

I found a Blizzard Feed Cutter in the woods and am trying to buy it to restore.