Aveling and Porter

Original 'Patent Farm and Road Locomotive' Brochure

| September 2006

This issue we're fortunate to have the opportunity to reproduce an original, circa 1873 Aveling & Porter's Patent Farm and Road Locomotive brochure sent by reader Ed Gladkowski.

The brochure's purpose was to highlight the superiority of Aveling & Porter engines. It notes, for instance, that an Aveling & Porter was awarded first prize for being one of the best agricultural locomotive engines for farming by the Agricultural Society of England in 1871. It also conveys the superiority of the Aveling & Porter engines through success in trail competition.

Additionally, the brochure gives an overview of the engine's capabilities and mechanics, and details the "daily expense of working a 6 horse-power" engine.

It's interesting to note that rubber tires were not recommended by the company. In fact, they were objectionable features due to their "increased cost, short life and unavoidable complicity." What was recommended was an elastic wheel consisting of rubber sandwiched between an outer and an inner iron tire. It was not considered necessary for ordinary farm use, however.

The brochure also notes Aveling & Porter's "special" arrangement of fixed brackets for carrying the driving axle and crankshaft bearings.

Additionally, the brochure contains quoted reviews from early agricultural publications and from the reports of trials of the traction engines at the Royal Agricultural Society's meeting.