Farm Collector


Beach, North Dakota

Long before I was born my dad run Case machinery using the
Dingee horsepower with hand fed separator. He later used a
portable, then a traction which he steered by a team of horses. His
first self-feeder was a Parsons and I wonder how many threshermen
remember them. I started way back in 1889 firing a N & S 6 hp.
hauling a corn sheller. It was a sandwich 6 hole sheller. I have
also operated 8, 10 and 12 hp. Advance engines, also a 13 hp.
Russell as well as a 16 hp. Russel and a 20 hp. Russell. These
engines were used mainly on Minneapolis separators either a 32×48
or 36×54. Many times we have run from morning till night only
stopping for meals or a grain wagon to come in. When my dad stopped
threshing he sold three complete rigs and a No. 8 and No. 9
Birdsell clover hullers. The last rig I owned was an Aultman Taylor
gas tractor and a 33×54 Russell separator, winding up my threshing
in North Dakota in 1927. I also owned a N & S combine 16 and
cut 13 years in North Dakota. I also own a Stanley Steam car.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1959
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