| September/October 1978

September 10 and 11, 1977, were the dates of the 21st Annual Steam Threshing Days Reunion at Beldenville, Wisconsin.

The site of the show is on the Ed Huppert farm located less than half a mile west of Highway 35, about half way between River Falls and Ellsworth.

The show site is located in a beautiful valley carpeted with green pasture grass and sprinkled with shade trees, it is truly an ideal place for a large community gathering which it has turned out to be.

Both afternoons of the show are well-filled with sightseeing. Threshing and lumber sawing no doubt attract as much attention as any of the exhibits.

Two steam traction engines, steamed up and ready to go, one an 80 HP Case and the other a 20 HP Minneapolis, were used alternately to operate the grain threshers.

Andy Anderson is the engineer in charge of the Case. Melvin Snow and Fred Huppert alternate as engineers on the Minneapolis.