| May/June 1999

R. R.2, Box 6 Slaton, Texas 79364

Two teachers from Lanesville High School of Lanesville, Indiana, planned a heritage program in celebration of our country's birthday. From its beginning at L. H. S. with the community's support, it has grown into a full weekend of History Comes Alive.'

Lanesville, by the way, is just west of Louisville, Kentucky. Lanesville has the philosophy of our forefathers, of working together for a common good. This has a rippling effect. For example, churohes, schools and school organizations, athletic pro

grams, boy and girl scouts, non-profit organizations, as well as individuals, are helped financially, enabling them to continue their good works. These people attract their friends, relatives and acquaintances who, more often than not, volunteer to help at various booths.

Visitors enjoy listening to Kitten's musical exhaust all its own while running the saw. Even owner Francis Lindauer (at center, in the fishing hat) stands back and listens.

To have more than 30,000 visitors for the weekend, Lanesville has quite a variety of events.