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‘A power plant goes on steam, X rays are used to check steel
piping sub surfaces, new materials overcome the corrosive nature of
steam rising from the earth before the first commercial geothermal
station in the United States begins operating-these are moments in
the history of codes and standards,’ related by Wilbur Cross,
author of THE CODE; An Authorized History of the ASME Boiler and
Pressure Vessel Code.

Now available from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
(ASME), this new history book relates the development of the widely
adopted boiler code to the technologies that influenced its growth
worldwide-from the first report in 1915 to its anniversary in

The Code is an official account of the origins, research
programs, professional development, publication, and administration
of the Code. Cross addresses the challenges of adapting the Code to
advances in technology, the effect of World War II on materials and
energy conservation, the tremendous impact of nuclear. power, and
the evolution of standards organizations internationally.

Author of more than 40 published nonfiction books including
engineering and science topics, Cross delivers an easy-to-read
narrative of people and events as the Code progresses.

‘Understanding its significance is difficult,’ says
Cross. ‘The Code, while of widespread importance to the
development of modern civilization itself, has become obscured by
the very complexity of the subject. It can seldom compete with
accounts of more dramatic engineering feats. Our objective was not
only to inform the public but to stimulate educators, engineers,
and journalists to give the subject broader attention.’

The Code: An Authorized History of the ASME Boiler and Pressure
Vessel Code by Wilbur Cross, 1990, is available as book number
820246 for $19.95. Order from the ASME Order Department, 22 Law
Drive, Box 2300, Fairfield, N.J. 07007-2300,1-800-THE-ASME, in New
Jersey 201-882-1167, or FAX 201-882-1717.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1990
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