| September/October 1983

Pennsylvania steam collectors' organizations have launched an effort to provide for the continued safe operation of antique boilers for exhibition purposes.

The move deserves national attention, for it deals with a subject of increasing importance to collectors and their organizations as the engines grow older and interest broadens in events at which the engines are shown.

Impetus was given by the Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association of Kinzers, Pa., which issued invitations to all organizations in the state which are listed in the 1983 Stemgas show directory, to meet at Kinzers.

Guy Stauffer, R&T president, opened the meeting, on May 21. The next session will be held Nov. 5 at 1 p.m. at the R&T headquarters. Lunch will be served at noon to those attending.

If you want to be at the meeting, and are not on the mailing list compiled to date, get in touch with Hope Emerich, secretary, R&T, Box 9, Kinzers, Pa. 17535.

In a mailing to organizations on June 12, it was stated: 'The problems all groups have encountered revolve around inspection and repair of such boilers. Specifically, there is a at present no code of standards for either inspection or in spectable repairs to such boilers. In addition, state boiler in specters have had no training in what to look for when inspecting an antique boiler.'