| March/April 1970

203 pages $5.30 Send all orders to J. N. Walton Kirk Michael, Isle of Man, U.K.

Buses, Lorries, and Railcars

This book is so complete it seems like a catalog, instruction book, a historical write-up as well as a biographical write-up of the characters involved, rolled into one book. It is a must for anyone who wants to build, repair steam cars or just talk intelligently about them. I think if you would know the Doble, you would know all steam cars. I am sure the quality points were found in all of them.

The book is well illustrated - a picture on nearly every page - and the details are clear and understandable. It is printed on good paper and the pictures come out well. You will be glad to have this book around and refer to it many times if for nothing else than to settle an argument.

E .L .R . tf