Bowers featured on TV

Bowers featured on TV

| January/February 1980

Reprinted from 'General Electric News--March 1979' with permission from Denver G. Chancellor, General Electric Company.

A work of art would be a fair appraisal of the miniature steam engines built by General Electric's Glenn Bowers. This working model weighs about 30 pounds.

Glenn Bowers may not consider himself a celebrity but the recent Tube Products Department retiree has (1) been featured on a television program, (2) been the subject of a feature story in a daily newspaper, (3) had his name appear in a well-known national magazine and (4) won numerous awards.

Glenn, who retired effective March 1, has an unusual hobby that has attracted all this attention. The former machine adjustor in Owensboro's grid department builds miniature steam engines.

Now perhaps the thought of a steam engine isn't particularly exciting. But if you ever see one of Bowers' creations, you'll probably become a steam engine fan. Glenn's steam engines are simply beautiful works of art. They're perfect in every detail and work as well or better than the full-sized models.

Whether you're nine years old or 90, you'll be anxious for Bowers to fire up one of his engines so you can watch it puff across the floor or yard.