| November/December 1990

  • A.D. Baker
    Paul Cole of Morristown, IN on his A.D. Baker.

  • A.D. Baker

Chairman Gas Engine & Tractor Show, UAW Local 662 2025 Hillcrest Drive Anderson, Indiana 46012

On Thursday, antique tractors and gas engines started arriving at UAW Local 662, in Anderson, Indiana, so the participants would be here in time for our biggest show yet, held June 1-3. From Thursday until Sunday, the day the show closed, exhibitors had presented 62 antique tractors, 372 gas engines, two model steam engines, a toy tractor exhibit, the Anderson History Exhibit, and model gas and steam engine exhibits. Also on hand were a gristmill grinding corn, a 55 HP Anderson gas engine,; and ladies giving a spinning wheel demonstration. Craft booth and flea market vendors were displaying their goods, greatly adding to the festival.

Warren and Roberta Smith from Fillmore, New York won the Traveler's Trophy, traveling 1500 miles with their gas engines and their 1930 Fordson tractor. Vaughn and Kathleen Franklin also won a Traveler's Trophy. Vaughn, representing UAW Local 1871 from Antwerp, Ohio, brought a 1940 John Deere H, and a 1945 John Deere LA tractor. They traveled 110 miles to the show.

The People's Choice Award for the tractors was presented to Leon Keller from LaPorte, Indiana. Leon brought a 1937 CC Case tractor. Pete Kubala of Louisville, Kentucky was the winner of the People's Choice Award for gas engines. Dick brought a 12 HP Reid, and a scale Reid Model. The winner of the TV Raffle was Royce Williams from Anderson, Indiana.

A Nostalgic Contest was held, and for the first time the ladies also got into the act. The 'quick start' is when the driver sits on the tractor seat, then jumps off and starts cranking the tractor until it starts. Then the driver scurries to get back on the seat, and then takes off. Kathy Gossage of New Castle, Indiana can do this in two minutes and eight seconds. Just think, there were no keys to lose!

In our 'hurry-up' world of today, a 'slow race' was held to see how long the driver could take to go between two given points without the tractor completely stopping. John Dependable, from Fountain City, Indiana, won this race with a 1938 Economy tractor.