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The interior of Mr. Ray Ernest's Machine Shop. It is very efficiently arranged and equipped. No wonder Ray turns out such good work on his machines. It is Ray Ernest of Wayland, Iowa. John

R. D. 5, Huntingdon, Ind.,

who many will remember at the Alvordton and Pontiac Reunions,
writes us in part as follows: Bill is his efficient helper and

Bill and I are now back home again in Indiana. Had a wonderful
time in Wisconsin playing for the Extension Division of the
University of Wisconsin. We save 46 perforamnces. But our greatest
joy was that of watching for steam engines. Had a wonderful time
with Gilmar and Alice Johnson at Frederic. Gilmar took us to see
Harry Lindblad and his Case engine that you referred to on page 11
of Vol. 6 No. 3. Indeed it is worth seeing. On our trip we saw 25
ensiles; 1 in Indiana; 1 in Iowa; and 23 in Wisconsin. In fact we
saw seven more at Dan Zehr’s place art Pontiac, Ill., on our
way home but are nut counting them as we saw them before at the
Zehr Reunion. Of the 25 engines we saw on our trip, 17 were Case, 2
Aultman-Taylor, 2 Minneapolis, Rumely, Nichols and Shepard. and a
Huber. All were single cylinder. We found six men who are regularly
doing steam threshing and each of them are using Case steam

After seeing 15 Case engines (including a 110 hp in Wisconsin),
Bill and I took our Thanksgiving vacation to go 400 miles into Iowa
to see another Case engine–a Case 40. We understood that this
engine was for sale. When we saw the fine shape that it is in; how
it has been so well taken care of; how it is so much like new; we
could not resist the urge to buy it. And so the Plasterers get
themselves another steamer. We hope to have it homo soon.

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