| January/February 1961

For some time we have wanted to get progressive pictures of Solomon Bros, building a boiler. They are wonderful fellows but this is is one thing that is hard to get. Mr. Edward Alexander gives us a taste of it.

Last fall at Mount Pleasant you asked me to send you some pictures taken at Solomon Boiler Works of Mr. Lang's boiler. I went north from Mount Pleasant and finished my vacation at Superior Wisconsin and by the time I reached home I had forgotten your request. Later when I remembered, I couldn't find the notation I had made. Finally found it the other day so am sending the photos, including a couple of extra ones for my conscience' sake. I hope you will forgive me for this very tardy response.

EDWARD R. ALEXANDER, 710 West 44th Street, Kansas City, Missouri


I have just finished a 4-4-2 Atlantic type live steam locomotive, 20' gauge track and one 14 passenger car, 7 seats. This engine has a steam driven air pump and air brakes on engine and car. The engine and tender weigh about 2500 to 3000 pounds without water and coal. The boiler holds about 70 gallons of water, the tender holds 145 gallons of water and ton of coal.

For this size engine, I had to make my patterns for all parts first and then get them casted, and then machine the parts. I had to build everything for it except the pipe fittings, coil springs, ball bearings, bolts, nuts, washers, cotter pins. All wheels have ball bearings.

I also designed the boiler and cut the plates, but I had the welding done by an accredited welding company because I could not get insurance otherwise. The boiler when finished had a cold water rupture test of 625 pounds; at that pressure it sheared a stay bolt that was replaced and again tested to 450 pounds and is now operated at 150 pounds.