| July/August 1980

This article, based on the museum project of Rough and Tumble Engineers at Kinzers, Pennsylvania, is intended as an aid to all organizations that either have museums or are considering starting them.

The collection, preservation and restoration of artifacts of rural technology are really only in their early stages. Many groups have items which are now highly valuable, but which may be lost for all practical purposes, due to unintended neglect, or lack of knowledge about functions or value of the objects.

Stemgas Publishing Company will act as a clearinghouse for information and exchange of ideas.

Everett Young faces a ponderous assignment developing the present museum of the Rough and Tumble Engineers into a display that makes the most of the thousands of engines, implements and other farm mementos of bygone times which are housed on the grounds at Kinzers, Pennsylvania.

Son of Arthur S. Young, who founded R & T, Everett has been named permanent curator by the board of directors. He grew up with the business of his father, selling and repairing Frick steam traction engines, and with R & T from the time it started in 1947.

The collection, Everett recalls, started with 'things my father had bought during the World War II period, when they were scrapping everything. Whenever he found an engine that was to be sold, he bought it. Rev. Ritzman (founder of Iron-Men Album) and others were 'scouts.''