| March/April 1961

R. 3, Box 347, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I have been taking your magazine for several years and have enjoyed every issue. Am sending you pictures of some of the things I have built in the last few years and if you care to print them you are welcome to. (We sure do see pictures on this page. -Elmer)

The clam is seven inches high when closed and will pick up about a cup full.

The gas engine is 1-1/4 bore and 1-7/8 stroke. The flywheels are cut from the solid (6 in. shafting) and all the parts are built up. Hit and miss governor, of course.

The steamer does not follow any make but was built to run and look fairly good. I think it does both. It pops at 100 lbs. and with 2-1/2 bore and 3-1/2 stroke runs very good. Most of the engine was built up such as the wheel rims being rolled from flat stock, the hubs machined from shaft, and the spokes then being welded in. The flywheel was made in a hydraulic press from a piece of one by six inch steel rounded up, welded, machined, and then the spokes and hub welded in and then machined all over again. The water wagon with the home made one arm johnny pump comes in handy too. I built a lowboy trailer for the engine and water wagon and pull it behind my VW. Have had it to Wichita last year and to Waukomis and Calumet, Oklahoma, this year.

Also built the sawmill which works very good, but it is for sale as it is just a little too large for my engine. It swings a 20 inch blade.