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A NEW STEAM ROLLER - designed for use in the Far East where simplicity, ease of maintenance, and ability to run anything that burns are necessities! The solid engineering of the SIMPLICITY offered no embellishments that could easily disappear in the hands

CALDWELL INDUSTRIES of Luling, Texas, has issued their 1970
Craftsmanship Catalog. During 1969, the company was able to secure
exclusive marketing agreements with a number of new firms. These
are reflected in the expanded catalog issued recently. The price of
the catalog is still $2.00.

Mr. John Matlock, president of CALDWELL, stated, ‘Due to the
unprecedented response received from our 1969 activities, we are
convinced that steam is not dead. As long as men remember the great
iron engines of the past, the smell of hot cylinder oil will not
disappear. Every rally, every show, every engine restored, every
model built inspires people to dream. Every dreamer is another IRON

CALDWELL INDUSTRIES has taken aim at the man who desires to
build a new engine by offering nine sets of castings which can be
made into a steam – powered road vehicle.

In 1970, the aim has been expanded to those who would build
engines up to 1/3 full size. This results in engines up to 5 feet
long weighing over half a ton.

One new engine offered by CALDWELL is the Wallis & Stevens
‘Simplicity’ which may well be the last steam-powered road
engine designed. Looking almost modern in appearance,
‘Simplicity’ may be the finest engineered engine of all

For 1970, the emphasis at CALDWELL is on expanding the interest
of the young in steam. A new stationary steam engine was designed
for shop students. The engine is of simple oscillating design, and
intended for construction in one semester. These engines will
provide machining skills, but more important, will show them the
thrill of steam. This is mandatory for survival of the hobby. YOU
CAN HELP! Take this issue of IRON MEN ALBUM to a shop teacher. Show
him what he can do. He is interested in finding projects for his
students. Steam is interesting. Ask him to write to CALDWELL for
information on their special plans for schools.

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