| November/December 1964

  • Hot air engine
    Hot air engine

  • Hot air engine

810 S. Judson, Fort Scott, Kansas

We have heard a lot of hot air about hot air, but the writer has seen hot air in action. Pictured here is a hot air engine which actually works and you can see it work, it will be one of the featured models at the 1964 Pioneer Harvest Fiesta, October 2-3-4, at the Burbon County Fair Grounds here at Fort Scott, Kansas.

Built from scratch during the winter 1963-64 by Myrl Hix, 1105 N. Tucker, Pittsburg, Kansas, receives its heat from a Propane burner, the power cylinder is 3' x 3', the flywheel is 12' in diameter with a 2' face weighing 20 lbs. The cold end of the displacer cylinder is water cooled, using a raidator, fan and circulating water pump. The engine is about 3 ft. long and weighs 150 pounds, a very neat piece of workman-ship and is enclosed in a plate glass case, operates noiseless and during tests it has operated contineously for 10 hrs.