| November/December 1981

Route 1, Box 13, Steinauer, Nebraska 68441.

The Camp Creek Show, Waverly, Nebraska, was held July 18,19,1981. The first day there were many activities such as a parade, antique tractor pull, lumber sawing, corn shelling, corn grinding and threshing. This year there were twice as many swap meet stands, twice as many engines, tractors and old cars and double the 1980 crowd.

Sunday was a big day with more swap booths coming in along with many more engines and antique cars. The large Reeves steam engine did lumber sawing several times that day. The corn grinder operated almost all day. There was a one-horse sweep grinder and it was a beautiful sight to watch the nice large draft horse do its job.

The Joliet sheller had several tractors keeping it rolling and the threshers were powered with the Case steamer and various tractors. The Reeves steamer powered the saw mill every time it was operated.

There was a lot of music and singing at the MC stand and with the nice large cottonwood trees furnishing a lot of shade, there was plenty of visiting!

Mr. John Prolek of Schuyler, Nebraska, again was the senior exhibitor at age 88 with his scale model of a Case steamer that he built about 22 years ago.