| November/December 1967

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    Courtesy of Mrs. Thos. W. Lobb Helston, Manitoba, Canada
    Mrs. Thos. W. Lobb Helston

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Helston, Manitoba, Canada

We seldom see anything in your magazine from Canada, so this being our Centennial year, I thought it might be fitting to contribute a bit about our Agricultural Museum of Manitoba and our four day Threshermen's Reunion.

Quite a number of Canadians receive the ALBUM and quite a number attend Threshermen's Reunions each year down south and enjoy them very much.

There is only one Agricultural Museum in Manitoba and it is situated at Austin, Manitoba on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Winnipeg and it is here we run a Reunion each year on the last four days preceding the first Monday in August.

This year will be our 14th reunion and each year seems to get bigger. The first two days for the past five years, we have held a gymkhana and Rodeo in connection with the reunion. The parade is the highlight of each day with at least 40 units including steam and gas taking part.

A good friend of mine takes your Steam Threshers Magazine, and he has been giving it to me to read, after he finishes reading it, which I gratefully enjoy reading and looking at the Pictures.