Canadian Big Game Hunt

| November/December 1993

720 York Street, Chenoa, Illinois 61726

In the past several years I have heard many stories about people building steam engines from parts found in scrap piles all over the country. I am always inspired and encouraged by these stories. Last year on a hunting trip to Alberta, Canada (hunting steam engines, of course), I came across a boiler for the engine of my dreamsa 110 Case!

I have considered trying to put one together from parts for a long time, so I decided to buy the boiler and get started. I know this will not be something that can be done overnight, but I am very dedicated to my project and I plan to stick with it until I am done. I was fortunate enough to also find rear wheels and some gears that I can rebuild and use. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has completed a project like this one. I am sure there are others out there who are working on similar projects, and I would like to hear your stories as well. If anyone has information or leads on parts, or has a 110 Case and would just like to talk 'steam engines,' please call or write. My phone number is 815-945-7565.

On another subject, I would encourage all steam engine and tractor collectors to try to visit the Reynolds Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin. This is a new museum built by the Alberta government. It features many steam and gas tractors from the collection of Stan Reynolds and others. I can't say enough about the men in the restoration shop. We would all be doing good if our projects turned out as nice as the equipment you will see at this museum. They have some of the best and rarest antique farm related equipment you will find anywhere in the world.

As you have read in past issues, my brother Jim is in the process of building a 75 Case. If you know where we might locate parts for this engine please give us a call.

Well, I have said enough for now. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the shows this summer. J. I. Case Expo #7 is at our home show at Pontiac, Illinois over Labor Day weekend. It is shaping up to be a great show.