Canton Monitor

| January/February 1993

1204 E. 24th St, Sterling, Illinois 61081

Here is a picture of a threshing scene that I thought might be suitable for Iron-Men Album.

Unfortunately, we have little information on the photo. The original is owned by Ed Frank, formerly of Kirk-wood, Illinois, who is now in a nursing home in Roseville, Illinois. He was good enough to let my father get a negative made from it. Mr. Frank obtained the picture from Mrs. Louise (Pape) Kessler for the Kirk-wood Centennial of 1954. The scene could be at the Pape farm north of Kirkwood.

To the best of my ability, I believe the engine is a 10 or 12 horsepower Canton Monitor of 1892 to 1895. If so, the picture was probably taken prior to 1900. We would all appreciate any more information on the scene if any readers have some. If anyone can better identify the engine, we would be happy to know that also. I based my identification on pictures I have of Lyman Knapp's Canton Monitor, and a few unclear pictures in Jack Norbeck's Encyclopedia.